2nd Annual

Catcher CON

Dec 9 - 11 2016     /     Nashville, TN     /     8 Speakers

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Benefits To Attend

How to Coach Catchers

You would have to attend other national conventions for 4 years to hear the same number of catching presentations that CatcherCON offers.

Expert Coaches

This is unlike any convention you've ever been too.  Catcher CON is a gathering of 8 of the most respected catching coaches in the country.


This is a great opportunity to spend an entire weekend around some of the best catching coaches in the country!  There has never been an event like this before!

The City

If you don't have a good time in Music City you're doing something wrong!  Enjoy one of the South's finest cities during this weekend full of catching.

Agenda At A Glance

Day 1: Registration, Opening Remarks, Meet & Greet

06:00 — 08:00         Registration (Capital Ballroom)

08:00 — 08:15           Opening Remarks

08:15 — 9:15               Session 1: Allen Sills, Neurological Attributes of a Catcher

Day 2: Clinic Speakers

8:00 — 9:00            Session 2: Tom Griffin, Building the Complete Catcher

9:15 — 10:15             Session 3: Ryan Sienko, Catcher’s Mentality of Serving Your Pitching Staff

10:30 — 11:30           Session 4: Will Little, The Catcher-Umpire Relationship

1 Hour Intermission And Lunch Break

12:30 — 1:30             Session 5: Xan Barksdale, Q and A Period

1:45 — 2:45               Session 6: Tanner Swanson, D1 Blocking

3:00 — 4:00            Session 7: Todd Coburn, Receiving Techniques and Drills

4:15 — 5:15               Session 8: Austin Wasserman, Catcher Arm Shape and Path

5:30 — 6:30            Session 9: Xan Barksdale, Catcher’s Agility and Quickness Program

6:30 — 6:45            Closing Remarks

Day 3: Roundtable Discussion

9:00 — 10:45            Roundtable Discussion with All Speakers

10:45 — 11:00           Closing Ceremonies


Meet The Speakers

Xan Barksdale, Catching-101.com

Catcher's Agility and Quickness Program

Xan Barksdale spent 5 years as catching coach at the University of Louisville and 4 years at East Tennessee State University.  However, he is most notably recognized for the development of Catching-101.com, his best selling book Catching-101: The Complete Guide for Baseball Catchers, and Catching-101 DVD, along with numerous other products, and catching apps.  He has also been a featured speaker at the ABCA National Convention and other national baseball clinics.  Xan is also in the Holmes Community College Hall of Fame.

Ryan Sienko,  Asst. Catching Coordinator Los Angeles Dodgers

Catcher's Mentality of Serving Your Pitching Staff

Ryan has an extensive and impressive baseball resume.  His most recent role is catching coordinator for the Los Angeles Dodgers and you probably know him from his popular Twitter account @Catch_and_Throw.  Ryan was a catcher at the University of Iowa before his professional playing career.  Aside from his current role, he has also served as an MLB scout.

Todd Coburn, The Catching Guy

Receiving Techniques and Drills

Todd is known as "The Catching Guy" on social media, but he has 25 years experience of catching and coaching catchers.  He is the founder of Gamer Baseball, but also played professional baseball and has coached in three different college programs.  He provides a wealth of experience and unbelievable passion about catching.

Tom Griffin, Head Coach Carson Newman University

Building the Complete Catcher

Tom Griffin is one of the greatest catching minds in college baseball.  He has been a featured speaker at the American Baseball Coaches Association National Convention multiple times.  His catching DVD: Catch it, Block it, Throw it is one of the best DVDs on the market.  With over 27 total years in coaching, he is in his 11th year as head coach at Carson Newman University.  Tom spoke at CatcherCON 2015 and was a huge hit.

Tanner Swanson, Catching Coach University of Washington

D1 Blocking - Drills and Mechanics

Tanner is returning for his second straight CatcherCON.  As an assistant coach at Washington, he is regarded as one of the top rising catching coaches in the country.  Tanner mentored Austin Rei to be a 3rd round pick in the MLB draft (the highest drafted catcher in UW history).  Swanson also runs one of the most popular catching accounts on Twitter, @D1Catching.

Austin Wasserman, Author of High Level Throwing

Catcher Arm Shape and Path

Austin currently works with Minor and Major League Baseball players at his facility AB Athletic Development.  He specializes in throwing and has a tremendous amount of knowledge around the area of arm shape and path.  You've probably heard of him because of his famous "water bottle drill" and his book High Level Throwing Catcher Edition.

Will Little, Major League Baseball Umpire

The Catcher-Umpire Relationship

Will Little is one of the newest full-time MLB umpires.  He has ascended very quickly as an umpire in professional baseball because of his knowledge of the rules, passion for the game, and ability to communicate with coaches, players, and managers.  He brings a unique perspective that is going to change the way you look at catching.

Allen Sills MD, Neurological Surgery, Vanderbilt University

Neurological Attributes of a Catcher

Dr. Allen Sills is a neurological surgeon at Vanderbilt and works with Vanderbilt University sports and the Tennessee Titans.  His specialty is sports neurosurgery and is on the cutting edge of concussion research.  I can guarantee you that he WILL be the smartest person in the room at CatcherCON!


Nashville Marriott Airport Location

600 Marriott Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

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Catcher Con is a convention for catchers, coaches, and parents of catchers who want to learn from 8 of the top catching coaches in all of baseball.

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