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CatcherCON 2015

Tom Griffin | Blocking Mechanics and Drills

Paul Phillips | Catching Mentality

Jerry Weinstein | Advanced Receiving Concepts

Xan Barksdale | Blueprint for Coaching Catchers

Tanner Swanson | Mindful Drill Progression for Catcher Skill Development

Jay Weaver | High Level Catcher Throwing

Greg Robins | Physical Preparation for Catchers

Jerry Weinstein | Pitch Calling

CatcherCON 2017

Tom Griffin | Throwing is the Most Important Aspect in Catching

Tanner Swanson | Caught Stealing: Catcher Throwing Patterns and Middle Infield Tags

Sammy Serrano | Training Tools to Enhance Your Game

Xan Barksdale | Catcher - The Most Athletic Player on the Field

Craig Driver | Expect the Unexpected: Blocking Techniques and Drills

Ryan Sienko | Creating Elite Receivers

Matt Kosderka | Coaching Catchers for Dummies

Jerry Weinstein | Pitch Calling 2.0

CatcherCON 2019

Tom Griffin | Prep and Warmup for Your Catchers

Tyler Shewmaker | Catching Up with the Times

Tyson Blaser | Catcher's "Path" to Success

Joe Mangiameli | Rethinking a Catcher's Training Environment

Chad Epperson | Teaching Catchers to Call Their Own Game

Aaron Gershenfeld | Winning Strikes: Developing Better Receivers

Michael McKenry | Lead with Love, Serve to Succeed, Care for Culture

Xan Barksdale | Off the Field Preparation for On the Field Success

CatcherCON 2021

Tom Griffin | Leading and Serving ON and OFF the Field

Tyler Shewmaker | Success Before the Pitch

Kirsten Cox | Dynamics of the "Let It Eat" Mentality

Xan Barksdale | A System for Improving Catcher's Pitch Calling

Zac Stout | An Ecological Approach to Catcher Development

Ryan Sienko | Creating a Winning Catching Culture

Jerry Weinstein | New Age Receiving

MLB Hotstove | Tanner Swanson, Craig Albernaz, & Walker McKinven

CatcherCON 2023

Friday Night Hotstove | JP Arencibia, Kyle Cheesebrough, & Todd Coburn

Tom Griffin | Blocking: Winning the Line of Scrimmage

Ethan Goforth | Throwing: More Important Now Than Ever

Brett Thomas | Parallels Between Infield Play and the Modern Catcher

Xan Barksdale | The Game Inside The Game: Teaching Strategy Beyond Skills

Tyler Goodro | Run Prevention: 3 Pillar System for Protecting 90'

JD Closser | Catcher Development: How Do We Help Our Players Get Better

Dallas Correa | Developing Catchers via Pregame Routines

Jerry Weinstein | 60+ Years of Coaching Catchers

CatcherCON 2016

Allen Sills, MD | Neurological Considerations for Catchers

Tom Griffin | The Complete Catcher

Ryan Sienko | Mentality of the Catcher

Will Little | Getting the Call Right: The Catcher's Effect

Tanner Swanson | High Level Blocking: Combating the War on 90 Feet

Todd Coburn | The Art of Receiving

Austin Wasserman | High Level Throwing: Catcher Arm Pathway and Shape

Xan Barksdale | Quick Feet for Catchers

CatcherCON 2018

Craig Driver | Framed: Case Studies of Baseball's Best Receivers

Tyler Shewmaker | Development of Catching Core

Ryan Sienko | Blocking to Prevent Free Bases

Xan Barksdale | Catcher's Pre-Game Routine

Josh Elleman | Developing Resilient Catchers

Justin Duarte | Change the Game by Becoming an Elite Receiver

Jerry Weinstein | Individualized Catcher Throwing Program

Tom Griffin | Developing Catchers from the Inside Out

CatcherCON 2020

Tom Griffin | Just Block It!  Blocking Drills and Fundamentals

Scott Kennedy | What Base Do You Ref?  Tricks of the Trade to Work WITH Umpires & Not Against Them

Eddy Rodriguez | Are Catchers "READY?"

Xan Barksdale | Think Fast!  Improving Catchers' Decision Making and Reaction Time

Gerry DeFilippo | Foundations of Strength and Conditioning and Speed Training for Catchers and Coaches

Lukas Ray | Throwing in a Receiving-First Era

Brandon Oliver | Creating the Athlete in Various Setups

Tanner Swanson | Adaptive Catcher Skill Tactics for Today's Modern Game

CatcherCON 2022

Friday Night Hotstove | Craig Driver, John Penn, & Brett Thomas

Tom Griffin | Everything Matters

Mike Bianco | Calling Pitches to Win

Collin Wilber | Actionable Steps to Addressing Catcher Weaknesses

Xan Barksdale | Catching Coach's Toolbox

Chase Andrews | Teaching and Learning Through Baseball

Tracy Hayes | Sh!t About Movement Catchers Should Know

Joe Singley | Training to Translate

Jerry Weinstein | Catchers Are the SS with Gear On


Along with getting access to all of the videos you'll also get .pdf copies of all my notes (with timestamps) from every single presentation...thats almost 150 pages of notes!  I'd definitely encourage you to take your own notes, but these will be a GREAT resource if you're trying to find something quickly.



For years I’ve dreamed of attending an entire conference that was focused only on catching. That event didn’t exist so I decided to organize it myself and so, CatcherCON was born. Each December, I invite 7 of the most respected catching coaches in baseball to speak with me in Nashville, TN. Every year I'm more impressed about the quality of the speakers, the information that is being shared, and how much the catching world is improving because of these coaches sharing their knowledge.



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